Minto Street - Wood and Light

Stockbridge Decorators recently undertook an interesting and challenging decorating project over a luxurious multi-story home with a decorative staircase, intricate cornices, and all while the family were still living in their home. The family are exceptionally pleased with the result we achieved, repairing damaged walls, blending soft yellows and white against the dark accents of the decorative woodwork, detailed stained glass and vaulted skylight.

Walls, woodwork and metal finished

The family found Stockbridge Decorators on Google and liked how professional our website looked and felt confident in trusting us with this project after they read our reviews. I met with them within the week to discuss what they wanted to achieve, their ideal timelines and any considerations.

The team began a few weeks later with extensive preparation work to ensure their home continued to be a safe place for their children while we worked. This meant where possible we sectioned off areas of the house, wrapped the scaffolding with safety foam and laid and replaced dropped sheets daily to still give the family a safe and clean home while we worked.

Stairwell work-in-progress

The hallway and stairwell were going to be stripped and re-lined, but upon removing the old wallpaper, the team noticed the walls were in a bad condition and discussed repairing the cracks and applying a skim coat of plaster for a stronger and smoother finish. It is a more costly route, but produces an impeccable finish and the results really speak for themselves. Spending money in the correct places can truly enhance your home!

With the clean skimmed plaster finish, we no longer had to line the walls, so we mist coated the bare plaster and then applied two coats of Farrow & Ball estate emulsion to the walls and ceilings, two coats of Farrow & Ball acrylic water based eggshell to the presses, doors, facings and stair treads. Our team was meticulous to protect the original feature cornices. We love to work with Farrow & Ball paints, they are water based, child and baby safe, environmentally friendly, with minimal or low VOCs - which means less pollutants and less odours in your family home.

Skylight finished

Detailed cornices

To prepare the stair rail and decorative wood panelling, we delicately sanded the wood to remove any rough edges and then buffed it with a finer paper. Finally, we applied a Jacobean interior wood stain, which is quick drying and does an excellent job at highlighting the pine woods natural dark tones.

Delicate woodwork

Stairwell done

The entire project, across a multi-story home with 5 rooms and a complex stairwell took a team of 2 plasterers and 3 painters 3 weeks to complete.

If you’re looking to decorate your home, get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you shortly to arrange a visit and get you a quick quote.

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